Josie Maszk Adkins

Student Art Show Branding

The concept behind DIVE is that college is like a high dive. Starting at the pool deck, each class taken, skill learned and concept grasped is another step in the ladder upward. The top of the platform is the senior show, where you look back and see how far you’ve come and also look forward, down past your toes, into your unknown future. You are as afraid as you are excited for what lies ahead, but when the graduation comes all that’s left to do is DIVE. Each artist in the show had a portrait taken while being splashed with water to bring the concept of diving into water to life, and get a genuine response from each student.

I served as Creative Director on this project, generating the overall concept and making significant contributions to the visual decisions. We created a website, social media, postcard and posters.

*2017 Greenville Gold Addy winner for Social Media Campaign